Brian Stanborough's musical career as Concert Pianist and Conductor scans more than four decades. Following his concert debut at the age of eight, his career proper took off just two years later. Living and having worked in London for many years, where he enjoyed a most remarkable and brilliant career, he was engaged by Le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux for a Season as Assistant Conductor. The Director of the Bordeaux Opera launched and promoted Stanborough's Concert and Conducting Career in Paris and the provincial Cities, Radio France,French Television and the principal French Festivals.


Sharing his time between London and France, Brian Stanborough is currently Resident Conductor and Artistic Director of the Bordeaux International Choir and continues his frequent busy schedules of Concerts and Master Classes in Europe,America and Australia.



Brian Stanborough has been appointed Artistic Director for the Festival in CRETE  in the 2006.

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