salut general" Brian STANBOROUGH's playing colonizes the wide open spaces , the stark , grandiose landscapes of these pieces and lays bare the soul of the music. With his flawless technique he makes every note vibrate , revealing a great poetic sensibility"

"His music-making has the violent tenderness that attends every birth or re-birth . The imperious, velvety chords that he draws from the piano transfigure the music like the sun breaking through the clouds" - Gramophone - Europe

"He conducted The Marriage of Figaro with authority and insight and accompanied the recitatives at the harpsichord with as much facility as he conducted - Midi-Libre - France

"Outstripping mere technique, he became one with the music : rarely has a virtuoso brought out so much of the emotional content" - Le Figaro - France

" His strong technique and vivid personality brought a rainbow of coulours to the music" - - The Telegraph - London

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